AshLee: Shipping and Receiving

Hey all! I'm AshLee! Born and raised in Galesburg, IL! I live in my home town with my fiancé, and our 6 year old son, Canaan. I love them both with all my heart and they always motivate me to be the best I can be!

I'm a huge supporter of ALL kinds of fashion. Recently, western fashion has become a part of my life! I love implementing it into my everyday wear and learning about all the new things that come with it! Like the NFR and the cute outfits all the women wear?! Where has that been all my life?! Turquoise?! It's all I want to wear now!

In Sept. of 2021, Olivia took a BIG ol' step and hired me to help her with her business and I've been here since! I love how fashion forward she is and how affordable all of the clothes are. Olivia is also such a great inspiration, she constantly pushes herself, and us, to be our greatest self. Being her employee has been a wonderful experience and she has become literally a lifelong friend. Working at DDRW has presented many cool opportunities, new friendships (5 total!), great fashion, and I'm so looking forward to all that is to come!