Business Consultations Information

Send Meeting Request to Liv at
(319) 470-4806 OR Email
Include in Request:
-Owner Name
-Store Name
-Social Media Handles (Instagram/Facebook)
-Website Link
-Date and Time you would like to schedule
$100 per hour 
$50 per half hour 
🌵This is all in your hands sister! Write up your own agenda of what you would like to talk about within this meeting. Anything from the benefits of owning your own company to the nitty gritty of owning your own company! I have been through it all and here to help you learn from my personal experience!
Please forward this agenda to prior to the meeting time. 
🌵Virtual meeting: Facetime or Zoom Meeting 
🌵Payment: Venmo or Paypal
*Vendor information is confidential and will not be given out.* 

“Olivia was very insightful To help me navigate my new business. She answered a lot of questions that I had and helped me realize the important factors to focus on first.”

Kenz: @southernsass.western
“During our meeting Olivia was very helpful and listened to any extra questions I had that! She gave me input in what I need to fix and what I am doing that’s good! She answered all of my questions in great detail that I loved❤️


Kali: @shopcaramelail
“Olivia was so helpful, she was very open and told me everything that she does and what has helped her in the past with her social media. She knew I wanted to update my website and make it a little better so she even went ahead and did that as well!”